The thought of needing a root canal can be alarming for some, but don’t panic. At Icy Dental We combine cutting-edge dental technology with a team that truly cares about you, a relaxing environment, and amenities that delight. We are committed to providing you with oral health care to give your teeth optimal form and function over a lifetime. Dr. Boyd Yu is committed to helping you keep your teeth in optimal form and function over a lifetime. Get expert root canals at Icy Dental in East Lansing, MI. Relieve pain and save your natural tooth. Schedule now for skilled endodontic care. Enjoy a personalized appointment with our team in East Lansing.

What is a root canal?

A root canal treats the infected roots of a tooth by replacing it with material and that prevents the infection from coming back into the same tooth. During the process of a root canal the doctor will open up the tooth’s canal and remove the nerve. This happens so that we can clear the tooth of any infection. Once the nerve has been removed we then seal up the canals and seal it off to prevent any other problems. After the root canal is finished the doctor will then discuss further treatment options whether that’s a filling or crown. The appointment is a little bit of a longer process but will all be worth it in the end!

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What do I need to do after my root canal?

After the root canal it is very common to need a crown afterwards. A crown is most suggested so it can keep the tooth in function without having to worry about fracture. Some teeth will only require a filling afterward.

Should I get a root canal or extract the tooth?

We always encourage patients to save teeth when it is possible. Removing teeth causes more expensive problems in the future that are often irreversible.

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Does a root canal hurt?

A root canal seems much worse than what it really is. Your tooth is numbed up before treatment begins and we do small tests to make sure that you wont feel anything. If at any point during the appointment you feel something, we will stop and give more anesthetic as needed until there is no pain.


Don’t let tooth pain hold you back! Icy Dental provides top-quality root canals, serving Greater Lansing Area, including East Lansing, Lansing, Okemos, Meridian Charter Township, Bath Township, Holt, and beyond. Contact us for more details or schedule your appointment today!
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